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About Us

We understand that the role of a CFO is very key in any organisation regardless of size. However, not all companies can afford to hire a CFO on a full time basis due to budget constraints as qualified and experienced CFOs come at a huge cost. As Rollwell Business Consultancy that’s where we come in. We offer CFO Consulting services to companies of any size and deliver the same result as if we are full time.

At Rollwell Business Consultancy, our team of specialized, full-time W-2 employees work together to deliver superior results to your small and medium business. That means you can expect industry best-practices from a range of experts whether it be a debt specialist, cost accountant, real estate guru, startup specialist, business turn around, strategic financial advice, or pricing strategist.

Chief Finance Officer Outsourcing Services

Planning and analysis

·         Development of strategic plans

·         Preparation of Annual Budgets

·         Development of Business Forecasts

·         Dashboard development (for quick assessment of company performance

·         Rating analysis evaluation



·         Documentation of accounting policies and organization of work papers in advance of audit

·         Preparation of financial statements for private and public companies


Technical accounting and tax

·         Evaluating and implementing internal controls

·         Regulatory reviews and compliance

·         Document accounting practices for audit support

·         Fixed assets review, analysis, updating and valuation

·         Tax compliance, transfer pricing policy document review & preparation and tax accounting

·         General income tax planning and consulting

·         Company and individual tax returns

·         VAT and PAYE consulting

·         Training and support


Finance transformation

·         Recommendation and project management of the installation of new accounting systems

·         Business process improvement

·         Assessment of the accounting function

·         Finance function organizational studies

Turn Around & Restructuring Advisory

Our advisory specialists provide comprehensive services to a diversified client base in both the public and private sector. We can support clients in addressing challenges in operations, finance and transactions, technology, governance, risk and compliance. Our strength lies in our ability to combine our talent, technical excellence together with our proven track record to deliver innovative solutions that unlock potential.

Strategic Assessments

Budgets, forecasts and 3 to 5-year business plans
Evaluate information technology platforms and opportunities
Evaluate competitive environment and opportunities
Guidance on strategic positioning of your company
Buy-side or sell-side support
Introduction to capital sources, such as private equity

Entrepreneurial and Consulting Services

The business world is transforming each day and there is a growth in Small to Medium Enterprises across all business sectors. To meet the demands of our clients, our entrepreneurial and consulting department offers a wide range of services from start-ups till entities grow into big corporations. The services of the division include:

·         SME Back- Office solutions

·         SME Business development support;

·         SME Coaching and mentoring

·         Taxation

·         Skills and capacity building

·         Company secretarial support

·         Payroll administrations

·         Human resources management and development

·         Preparation of management and annual financial statements.

·         Project proposals

·         Project and programme management

·         Monitoring and evaluation

·         Business investment advice

·         We ensure that our clients get back up support so that their objectives are realised.

Tactical Execution: restructure to right size your business

Restructuring to right size your business is a tactical execution strategy that involves making changes to the organizational structure, processes, and resources of a company in order to align them with its current needs and goals. This may involve downsizing, outsourcing, or reorganizing departments and teams to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The ultimate aim of this strategy is to create a leaner and more agile organization that can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and remain competitive in the long run.